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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh the fun I had today!

My best friend Crystal came over today. Her kids were home from school on account of the snow--we have lots! She brought the stuff for us to rubberstamp together. We made lots of cards. It was a blast. Becca really gets into it too! So we sat and chatted and made cards and just plain had fun. It was really nice since we hardly ever get to be together anymore.
Our lives are just too busy it seems sometimes. They have experienced some major difficulties this past year and we haven't had the greatest year either so I am always glad when we can just spend the day together doing something we enjoy.
Crystal is also my scrapbook buddy. Without her I just can't seem to get motivated. After she leaves I am generally on a roll and can cruise through a bunch of pages but just don't seem to have the same enthusiasm.

We also discussed our Christmas get-together. We always get our families together to exchange presents and have a bunch of yummy food. Last Christmas things were crazy and they only got worse after the first of the year. We chuckled today remembering that it was a week before Easter that we finally all had time to make a day of it and "Do Christmas". We were able to enjoy nibbling on a chocolate Easter bunny while opening presents!

Zack was happy to be woke up early when Bob (my friends ds) arrived. Since he had gone with Kevin to work he was supposed to sleep awhile after getting home. BOY do I ever wish he had gotten more sleep. What a cranky child he is! Fortunately Crystal left a Christmas movie here for us to watch and that is what we are going to do now.

I made some very yummy pork chops for supper along with fettucini alfredo and corn. Zack is not a pasta eater and Becca is a pasta lover! So it seems as though I am always trying to find something they both like--that is AFFORDABLE that is! lol


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