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Monday, February 07, 2005

I am really tired tonight

Kevin and Mac have been "partying a bit" tonight. They were joined by Ivan _ _ _ _ _ (I can't remember his last name!) I have a headache from the conversation and from being SO tired... I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night or this morning either for that matter.

We went to bed last night kind of late after the Super Bowl party at Cindy's. Zack was coughing so badly that I knew he'd sleep better propped up a bit in our bed witht the coolness from the fan blowing on him so I told him to sleep in there with Kevin. I then went to sleep in the living room--yep my good-old sleeping spot!! Anyways I had just barely dozed off when Becca came out of her room acting weird. She started to throw up in the living room and I kind of guided her to the bathroom. I took care of her, bedded her down on the couch (she insisted), cleaned up all the messes, and then tried to get to sleep as quickly as possible. It wasn't long after that I woke up as hot as I could be and realized that I needed to get Kevin up in 15 minutes so I'd better stay up or I'd oversleep!! So I started a load of laundry (yep at 3:45 am). Kevin got up and went to work a bit later and I dozed in the chair but not before helping Zack get settled back in and then Becca too who woke up when the door shut!! We were all up again at 7:00 am!!

Anyway Becca has felt miserable most of the day but not nearly as miserable as Zack! They have laid around watching movies most of the day. About 2:30 pm Zack decided it was his turn to start throwing up!! He did so all over the blankets he was covered up with on the couch!!
I was able to get him cleaned up and the mess too before Kevin came back from playing darts with Travis. It was on the way home that he m et up with Mac!

Oh and yes I have been washing clothes all day!!!!!!!!

Well guess I'm getting off here since I'm exhausted and WANT to go to bed!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Long time no post....

Hi well life has been busy but not interesting. The kids and I went and got groceries today. I did pretty good with coupons too! At Wal-Mart I am able to use coupons and the Bridge card. When using coupons the amount saved is taken away from the cash items first. I was able to get a 12 pack of double rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper and a package of napkins for 34 cents tax! I love deals like that. The kids were pretty good too. Zack isn't feeling all that great.

I know. I know. F is for FLU and F is for February.

Friday, January 28, 2005

What a day!

Well we went to the Hillman Library today. We were able to find "The Two Towers" that was the second movie in the series so Zack picked that one out. Becca saved "The Cat and the Hat" movie. I picked out a couple too.

I took Becca over to Crytal's house. She is spending the night over there with Emma. This is her first time to stay there! She was a bit scared at first but then ended up being pretty excited about trying! Hopefully she will have a good time. I am anxious to see her!

Zack is spending the night with Mom and Dad. They said that they'd keep him. So I'm here alone right now waiting for Kevin to get home so that we can be ALONE! He is with Travis right now.

Well guess I'll get off here and go watch "Ghost". BYE!!!!!