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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ashley's shower was today...

Becca and I were going to ride along with Mom and Cindy and Kellie. Mom changed her mind about going and so did I. Unfortunately, Becca was looking forward to it. I just really didn't feel like going. I have been in such a groove with the house. I just didn't want to stop for a day. Plus it was quite a little ways from here. I guess I also didn't like the thoughts of going without any money. I can usually tolerate that but not always.

But we totally attacked Becca's room and it is great! We also started Zack's room and made major progress. We are stalled now however until Kevin can take down his bunkbed. Yep that's right--take it down. I really wanted it and I am still grateful that my sister Cindy gave it to us but I had Kevin take it down. Both kids wanted to have their beds directly on the floor. Aunt Michele has hers that way and so that helps make it "cool" but they also realize and commented that this way they won't be able to do the tempting things with clothes and toys (shove everything under the bed!). Plus it will help eliminate Dakota taking anything and everything under the beds to chew on!!!

I am really tired now! I worked my behind off! My shoulder is really sore tonight too. I think I did way too much.

I mentioned yesterday's weather and there was something like a 40 degree change in temperature over the course of the day!! Check it out here at Hopefully that link will work for you!
Crazy weather this WORLD is having!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sign-up was today....

What a day this has turned out to be!! I had to drive Michele's truck to go sign the kids up for their classes. I don't like to borrow other people's vehicles and especially don't like it when it's a truck--hate to say it but I am a car lady! I'm not crazy about vans either!

It wouldn't have been all that bad except we got a bunch of rain and then freezing rain and then snow while I was out and about! The roads were horrible and I really had a hard time seeing in the truck!

We took a load of stuff to the Salvation Army and made it to two grocery stores as well as the library and sign-up. WAY more than I want to do in the weather we were having!

Well guess this is night-night for me!

ps My blood sugars are GREAT!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Well first off let me mention the news. I am not babysitting for Jeremiah anymore. Today was my lst day. Bridget is moving over the weekend and I'm all done. I will miss the little bugger. I hope to have more time to focus on the kids though.

I am purging the house like crazy! Kevin and Zack took a load of stuff to Crystal today. They used Michele's truck since our car is in the shop. Kevin usually does our repairs but this is a bit complicated and COSTLY!!! Oh well...the Lord will provide what we need.

Monday, January 10, 2005

WOW I really did a lot today! lol

I am actually pretty pleased with myself tonight. I managed to get a lot accomplished today.

It started when Kevin got home and decided that he would make us all our "Sunday" omeletes on Monday and found a candle in the potholder basket. Then he found that the cookie sheets (clean) were sitting in the oven when he wanted to use it to keep stuff warm. He then said "That's it. We are doing it. I want us to get rid of as much of this sh-- as we can!"

Then I actually got to get the tree taken down today! With alot of help from Jeremiah I might add! I got all of the Christmas stuff put away except for two tablecloths. One is on the table under all the clean laundry. The other is on the kitchen table that NEEDS to be covered due to incredible peeling and flaws! I just need to buy another tablecloth though since I don't have any appropriate for this time of year! I always buy the cheap vinyl/flannel backed ones from Wal-Mart.

I also started filling boxes with stuff to donate to the Salvation Army. I am really motivated to do this! I even talked to the kids about it and we talked about why we have so much stuff and how sometimes it seems as though "things" are more important to us than people. I don't want that life-style. We all agreed to work on it! It will take us alot of time though I am sure.

OH!!!!!!! Zack called the library today to ask about replacing the missing book. They told him the would call back. GUESS WHAT?!?! I found the book!! I AM THE ONE WHO MISPLACED IT! I can't believe it but I did and I amptly apologized to the kids for losing it over "some thing". I think they have forgiven me! :)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Laughed my butt off (well some of it anyways!)

We dropped Kevin off at Travis' house so he could go ice fishing. Roy couldn't go. Then the kids and I headed to Mom and Dad's.

Cindy came over shortly afterwards and we played a game called Zobmondo. Talk about gross. It had a lot of "would you rather eat a whole goldfish or swallow a teaspoon of fish eyes" type questions. It was fun even if it was gross.

Then we ate a really good meal. Mom had made roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, bread, cauliflower salad(she sampled the kind Becca and I did and had to make it just like we did!), and really yummy peach jello!

Then we played some more Zobmondo and then a couple hands of Hand and Foot until it was time to go pick Kevin up from Travis' house. Mom sent home another box of "stuff". Not a whole lot that I wanted but that is ok. I showed Kevin this article I printed off of the "Amity Mama Forums" It was about getting rid of much of your worldly possesions. It is something I am seriously considering since our house is stuffed to the brim. I think Kevin was intrigued but not sure if it could really happen since I am such a pack rat. Guess it will take the hand of God to make it work.