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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Only a couple more rooms to go!!!!

I can't wait until I am done! We are so close to being finished!! I plan on celebrating somehow. Any suggestions? This is a list of what I have to do and then I will list what I have done--
Clean out MY bedroom
Clean off the back porch/storage room
Clean off computer desk
Clean out pantry
Kitchen cupboards/bar/shelves/refrigerator--inside and top
Dining room white drawers/wood cook stove(not functioning at the present time--use the top to hold assorted school things--baskets of paint/glues/etc..
My desk
4 Plastic drawer thingies that have three drawers each--catchall
Bathroom--under the sink/towel shelves/two drawer stand/shelves
Bookshelves in the hall
Hall closet--oh man was that one bad
Living room--stands that held way too much
Becca's room--TWO bags of clothes removed as well as two bags of "stuff" and two bags of books--oh and then there was the HUGE bag of garbage!!!
Zack's room--every nook and cranny--got rid of lots.
Cookbook collection.
Paper stacks.
I think that is it but the house actually seems like it can breathe now! lol
I have a lot of stuff to put on the free table at the homeschool group as well as a bunch more stuff to donate to Salvation Army and another batch of stuff for Crystal. I feel so happy about this. Kevin keeps saying "Wow, you really have been busy."

I am happy that I am making him happy about this but I have to admit I feel really good about it. The kids do too. We had a nice discussion today how so many of their things are being donated to the S.A. and how it will helppeople in several ways--inexpensive way to get things they need, money will be used to help others, etc... They feel good about themselves.



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