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Monday, January 17, 2005

Ate too much...

After some reading and other stuff (schoolish) we ate lunch and chit-chatted. The kids used the computer while Kevin and I watched them and talked. We decided to go to my parent's house. On the way we figured we could drop a bunch of stuff that we had decided to get rid of off at Crystal's house. While chatting Becca defeated the Green Goblin on the Spiderman game for the computer. YAY BECCA!!!!
We left for Mom and Dad's and after unloading the stuff into Crystal's garage, Kevin commented that he knew why people did their spring cleaning in the spring. He said, "It is cold--normal people wait to do this stuff in the spring for that reason!!" Oh well, at least it is out of the way now."Isn't that what you wanted babe?"
We stayed at my parents' for supper. Mom made yummy meatballs and gravy plus mashed potatoes. We also had corn and biscuits and green bean casserole (mine and Becca's favorite!). Mom is a great cook and I had way more than I should have. But according to her scales I have lost 15 pounds!!!
We had to run over to my nephew Chad's house to pick some stuff up and I was lucky enough to get to see baby Joseph! He was born in September and boy is he ever growing. He is such a little doll. He has the cutest chubby cheeks--the kind I always want to squeeze(gently of course!). JoJo sent a brownie home for each of the kids. They were thrilled and gobbled it up in Aunt Michele's truck. We had to drive that since our car still isn't fixed. But it's looking like it will be done on Wednesday if all goes well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY--Shaelinn and Jon!!!


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