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Friday, January 21, 2005

Freaky Friday

My sweet Becca came to snuggle with me this mornig after Kevin left for work. She still likes to sleep in my bed and even though she is eight I like it too!:) We always have anice little chat before we both doze off to sleep and then I rub her back and she is soon snoring away (that she gets from her daddy!). I am finally back to being able to sleep all night in bed--before my shoulder just wouldn't allow it!

The kids and I ran to Hillman. We had to put money in the bank to pay the light bill and then get some gas. We also hit the library. Zack was able to find the second book in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy that he couldn't find yesterday. He was also able to get the first movie in the series. Becca picked out "Freaky Friday" for herself and I snagged a couple I thought that Kevin would like.

We even had time to stop and chat with Crystal a bit. Steve went back to work this week.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

We had such a fun day....

We all kind of slept in today. Well the kids and I did. Kevin had already left for work and I had gone back to sleep. We got up and the kids grabbed some breakfast. I still have a hard time believing that they are old enough to "do it themselves". I always like feeling needed. But they are trying pretty hard to stick to the new chore charts that we made the other day. Everyone has certain jobs that are theirs daily or on a rotating basis.

Got a chance to catch up on some blogs that I haven't had time to read in all my cleaning days. But I am pretty much caught up. There are several blogs that I really like and will be trying to add them to this one sometime in the future. I want to ask the owners first though.

I have to mention a really weird thing that happened to me this morning. I got up at 4 o'clock as always to make Kevin his coffee before waking him up. Well I monkeyed around doing things to stay awake and tried several times to get him up. At about 4:20 am I sat down in my chair and cuddled up with a blanket with all intentions of just sitting and waiting a few minutes before trying again to wake him. Anyway I fell asleep! But that isn't the weird thing. I woke up at 5:00 and kind of freaked--like "Oh no!!". So I jumped up to go wake Kev up but as soon as I was on my feet I realized that my legs were both asleep--feet too. I fell down! Smacked my forehead on the wooden homemade footstool we have! Nice sharp corner!!! I had no feeling in my legs and had to crawl from where I was about three or four feet to get to a place where I could pull myself up!! I walked to the bedroom carefully as the feeling came back into my feet first and then my legs! WEIRD!!!

Kevin was happy to see that his cousin and good friend Mac was here when he got back from getting firewood with Travis. They had a good visit over some beers and then went to Travis's house. He has a pool table. Got home quite a bit later than I expected but at least he had a chance to see Mac. They were very close growing up--especially in their late teens,early twenties. I felt a bit of jealousy over their relationship when we first dated but I quickly realized that Kev always came home to ME. So I was the winner in the end!;)

The kids and I had a great time checking out a Science tote that we got form our library awhile back. Zack was thrilled to find a gadget in it called an "Optic Wonder". I have always wanted to get him one but have never done it but he has asked if I could PLEASE get him one. I will certainly try my nest. I know that they are not that expensive so I am sure I will do it soon. Of course he also wants the "Lord of the Ring" trilogy. He checked out the first book in the set and had it read in less than four full days! He is so fascinated with stuff like that. I try to maintain an interest in it so we can chat about it but I really have never been into science fiction-type stuff that much. But I will admit his enthusiasm is contagious!! He hasn't watched the movies (well a little of the first one) so we will be getting that when we get to the library.
Guess I'll head to bed now.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ate too much...

After some reading and other stuff (schoolish) we ate lunch and chit-chatted. The kids used the computer while Kevin and I watched them and talked. We decided to go to my parent's house. On the way we figured we could drop a bunch of stuff that we had decided to get rid of off at Crystal's house. While chatting Becca defeated the Green Goblin on the Spiderman game for the computer. YAY BECCA!!!!
We left for Mom and Dad's and after unloading the stuff into Crystal's garage, Kevin commented that he knew why people did their spring cleaning in the spring. He said, "It is cold--normal people wait to do this stuff in the spring for that reason!!" Oh well, at least it is out of the way now."Isn't that what you wanted babe?"
We stayed at my parents' for supper. Mom made yummy meatballs and gravy plus mashed potatoes. We also had corn and biscuits and green bean casserole (mine and Becca's favorite!). Mom is a great cook and I had way more than I should have. But according to her scales I have lost 15 pounds!!!
We had to run over to my nephew Chad's house to pick some stuff up and I was lucky enough to get to see baby Joseph! He was born in September and boy is he ever growing. He is such a little doll. He has the cutest chubby cheeks--the kind I always want to squeeze(gently of course!). JoJo sent a brownie home for each of the kids. They were thrilled and gobbled it up in Aunt Michele's truck. We had to drive that since our car still isn't fixed. But it's looking like it will be done on Wednesday if all goes well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY--Shaelinn and Jon!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Only a couple more rooms to go!!!!

I can't wait until I am done! We are so close to being finished!! I plan on celebrating somehow. Any suggestions? This is a list of what I have to do and then I will list what I have done--
Clean out MY bedroom
Clean off the back porch/storage room
Clean off computer desk
Clean out pantry
Kitchen cupboards/bar/shelves/refrigerator--inside and top
Dining room white drawers/wood cook stove(not functioning at the present time--use the top to hold assorted school things--baskets of paint/glues/etc..
My desk
4 Plastic drawer thingies that have three drawers each--catchall
Bathroom--under the sink/towel shelves/two drawer stand/shelves
Bookshelves in the hall
Hall closet--oh man was that one bad
Living room--stands that held way too much
Becca's room--TWO bags of clothes removed as well as two bags of "stuff" and two bags of books--oh and then there was the HUGE bag of garbage!!!
Zack's room--every nook and cranny--got rid of lots.
Cookbook collection.
Paper stacks.
I think that is it but the house actually seems like it can breathe now! lol
I have a lot of stuff to put on the free table at the homeschool group as well as a bunch more stuff to donate to Salvation Army and another batch of stuff for Crystal. I feel so happy about this. Kevin keeps saying "Wow, you really have been busy."

I am happy that I am making him happy about this but I have to admit I feel really good about it. The kids do too. We had a nice discussion today how so many of their things are being donated to the S.A. and how it will helppeople in several ways--inexpensive way to get things they need, money will be used to help others, etc... They feel good about themselves.