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Friday, January 28, 2005

What a day!

Well we went to the Hillman Library today. We were able to find "The Two Towers" that was the second movie in the series so Zack picked that one out. Becca saved "The Cat and the Hat" movie. I picked out a couple too.

I took Becca over to Crytal's house. She is spending the night over there with Emma. This is her first time to stay there! She was a bit scared at first but then ended up being pretty excited about trying! Hopefully she will have a good time. I am anxious to see her!

Zack is spending the night with Mom and Dad. They said that they'd keep him. So I'm here alone right now waiting for Kevin to get home so that we can be ALONE! He is with Travis right now.

Well guess I'll get off here and go watch "Ghost". BYE!!!!!


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