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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today was COACH

The kids and I had another delivery for the Salvation Army and a trunk FULL of books for the free table at the homeschool group. I was able to give them lots to look at!!! I still have one more carload to get rid of! The house is feeling lighter! lol

The kids enjoyed their classes today I think. Zack is learning a bit in guitar class. I hope that some real meat gets tossed in to the lessons soon as Kevin thinks that Mr Bohlen is kinda dragging out the tuning process too much! They also seemed to really enjoy gym and Spanish! I am SO glad that they like going!

We went to the library and were able to get a few books and "The Return of the King" dvd. Unfortunately the one we wanted next wasn't there. But they watched it anyways even if it was out of order! I am hoping to get someone to copy these for me! Well for Zack actually!! lol

Well guess I will get off here now and go to bed!


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