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Friday, December 31, 2004

Here's those resolutions...

Well for 2005 I want to change everything! lol Na not really....

I really hate resolutions because I fail at keeping them and then feel like a failure but this year I want to make some serious changes in my life.

1. Lose weight--more #'s than I'll admit to.
2. Change the entire family's eating style--Less junk, more natural/wholesome foods, make more from scratch. Choose lower fat, less sugar, lower sodium, etc... Help the kids make better choices.
3. Get my diabetes under control--see above ideas as well as STOP drinking pop (at least stop drinking it all the time).
4. Start an exercise program for myself and try to get the family involved.
5. Read my Bible more--consistently on a daily basis.
6. Let little things bother me less--try not to over-react.
7. Spend less (if we ever have money to spend).
8. Read more out loud as a family.
9. Take time for myself and interests that I have. Show the kids its ok to learn.
10. Play games more with the kids.
11. Organize our house--declutter, get rid of stuff we don't need, etc.
12. Learn to say NO.
13. Spend more time with the people I like and love--my parents, brothers and sisters, etc...
14. Try one new recipe a week.
15. Write more letters or even emails.
16. Find a place to volunteer.
17. Work on helping my kids learn to get along better.
18. Get my scrapbooks caught up.
19. Make a weekly DATE happen for Kevin and I.
20. Last but truely most IMPORTANT I will grow closer to the Lord and be open to His leading.


What are you doing tonight? Us--well nothing really. We have several DVDs to watch and the kids want to play Monopoly. We are going to have burgers for supper and probably chow on the remaining fudge and other Christmas goodies. I plan to drink a glass or two of Parrot Bay Coconut rum mixed with Mt Dew. It is oh so yummy. I almost NEVER drink but this is what I usually do when I do.

We are just hanging out today so guess that I get off this thing instead of boring you to bits.

I'll blog later what my resolutions are! Take care.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

I hope that today ends soon!

I am really tired again today. I don't know what my deal is. I am going to assume that it is something medical! lol It couldn't be that I'm not getting enough sleep! Oh well I will get to go to bed soon!

Today was another babysitting day. Jeremiah was pretty good too! He had me laughing pretty hard earlier. He is 2 1/2 years old so you never know what to expect! He was watching me slice potatoes in to a pan for supper and asked me what I was doing. I said to him "slicing taters. Can you say taters?" He said,"taters". Good. "Now can you say potatoes?" "Potatoes" Now here is the clincher--I said to him "Can you say 'I'm cute'?" He took a long look at me and then said "You aren't cute!" I cracked up! What could I say--he's right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Kevin has decided is his day to celebrate New Years Eve! So he has been doing that for most of the day here and there. He went out and checked up on Roy who was out ice fishing. I'm not sure if he caught anything or not.

Steve, Crystal and the kids stopped here for a bit. Crystal used the computer to check her emails and Steve made a phone call. They were on their way to Wal-Mart. It wasn't until hours later that Jeremiah found Crystal's wallet! They have no phone so that I can call them and by the time I realized we had the thing it was after dark and they can't drive their car after dark due to a headlight problem. But I will run it over to them tomorrow. HOPEFULLY! The roads are getting dreadfully slippery since its raining!

Well guess I'm going to get off here and take care of my family. TTFN

Happy Birthday to Kevin's Mom!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Boy do I ever feel tired...

We have had a normal type day without too much getting accomplished. I finally got my washer draining so I am desperately trying to catch up on laundry that exploded over the holiday week-end. It is really hard to believe it is almost another holiday week-end again already!

Jeremiah is sleeping on the couch. Sorry Bridget. I hate to let him sleep this late for her sake as he will probably be up late and be cranky too. But he needs to sleep when he's tired right? He is such a sweetie too. Today he brought Shrek 2 with him to watch. We did that and played and read the "dumptruck" book. I like days when we actually get to do things and he isn't overly crabby! lol

I am trying to get Kevin to wake up now. He is snoring away in his recliner. He wanted to get some wood cut up for the night but hasn't done it yet. He too has been really tired. I wonder if maybe we are getting something? I sure hope not!

What are your plans for New Years? We have several options right now.
#1 Steve, Crystal and kids could come over and hang out. We girls could drink some spiked MD. The kids would love it and eveyone would crash here. But her sister and bil may still be up over the weekend. And at one point I heard Kevin's brother might be coming up too.
#2 Our nephew and his girlfriend are having a party at their house and have invited us. Kevin may want to go but I wouldn't enjoy it so I may just drop him off and pick him up as I am sure he will have his fair share of drinks.
#3 We will stay home and have a family celebration-the four of us--like we do every other year! We watch movies, make pizza, drink out of cool glasses, shake our noise makers, play games, countdown to midnight, etc...... THIS is my preference.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Went to my favorite hangout today.

We had to go to Alpena to return Becca's boots. Boy that girl has big feet! lol Not really but they sure have grown since her last new pair of shoes/boots! We exchanged them at Kmart where Grandma had bought them earlier in the month. We weren't able to get the same design because there were very few boots left in stock but she is still very happy. They are PINK after all!

Then we ran to Neiman's(a grocery store) to use a gift certificate I had for there. We also turned in all of our bottles. How embarassing to get the final total of $20.60 in refund money. We drink way too much here. Of course it has been quite awhile since we did the return thing!

Then we went to the LIBRARY!! We love that place. I practically have to drag the kids out after an hour or more! Judy, one of the really sweet librarians, joked with me that she was shocked to look and not find any holds for us there. We almost always have something that is there from another library! She also told me that by next month they will have a homeschooling magazine on their shelves. This will be a first and I am happy to hear that! I love to read-even magazines. But I hate to buy them!

Anyways we then came home to put stuff away. We then received a sleeping Jeremiah. Bridget carried him over sleeping and he slept quite a long time. He woke up just in time to have burgers and salad with us. Kevin had eaten a late lunch shortly before we got home so he wasn't overly hungry and now we have leftover burgers for lunch tomorrow. I LOVE leftovers-most anyway!

Time to watch a movie with Kevin! Boy are we over using the new DVD player or what! lol It's "Mean Girls" tonight. I'll report on it soon!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Not much going on except lots of cleaning up!

We have had such a mess around here from new toys, clothes, and wrapping paper that I've been going a bit crazy! We are slowly getting things back to normal--what is normal for us anyways!

The kids' rooms are not that great looking but I really try to let them have their own "room" as long as it is safe. We do have one day of the week where everyone cleans their rooms. We also have a "Major Room Clean" every 5 or 6 weeks.

Today was back to babysitting Jeremiah. I went and got him around 12:00pm. He came with cousins Marcus(6) and Dominic(4)!! They had been there and REALLY wanted to come play with Zack. So they were her until about 4:45pm Bridget called and asked me to give Jeremiah his bath and said that George would be here to pick him up about 6:00pm So I gave him his bath. The poor thing!! He was not happy about that. I have never given him a bath before so I don't know if this was normal behaviour or a first time thing or what but he was an emotional wreck! I still feel bad for how it went but I really did my best to make it quick and painless.

Well guess I will get off here and go watch a movie with the kids. Hmmm...wonder what they will choose tonight.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Day after Christmas to you all!!

WOW what a Christmas we have had. We were given way more things than we ever deserved. The kids were absolutely spoiled. I just cannot believe the fun that we have had these past few days.

Christmas Eve I was up quite late and then was woken several times by Zack who was unable to sleep. I had to get up once because I heard Dakota(our dog) into something. Amazingly it was his stocking! So I was really glad that Zack finally fell into a good sleep.

Kevin and I woke up around 7:45 and he went and woke the kids up! We opened stockings and gifts for what seemed like forever!! The kids were very happy with their haul! Kevin got a few minor things and I got the ink cartridges that I have been wanting for my printer! YAY!!!

Then slowly the neighbors (all Kevin's family) began to trickle in with gifts for us all. Then after some breakfast of some not too nutritious food Kevin and the kids went next door to deliver presents to his parents. Then they went to his sister's house as well.

I stayed home to get our Christmas dinner into the oven and straighten the house a bit since my parents come over for Christmas dinner every year. We had ham, hash brown casserole, pistachio salad, baked beans, jello with fruit, deviled eggs (stuffed eggs as we prefer to call them), cheese, a green bean casserole(Mom's contribution--begged for by Becca and I!!!). I also made pumpkin delight to be topped with ice cream. There were also plenty of Christmas goodies that I hade made earlier in the week. I did not, however, manage to get a loaf of bread into the bread machine! SORRY Dad!

My parents brought more presents from them and my sister Cindy. Like I said we were very spoiled. AND HAPPY. We now have a DVD player and some new DVDs. Just as our VCR wears out! lol Thank you everyone for your generosity! The thank you cards will be in the mail very soon!