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Monday, December 27, 2004

Not much going on except lots of cleaning up!

We have had such a mess around here from new toys, clothes, and wrapping paper that I've been going a bit crazy! We are slowly getting things back to normal--what is normal for us anyways!

The kids' rooms are not that great looking but I really try to let them have their own "room" as long as it is safe. We do have one day of the week where everyone cleans their rooms. We also have a "Major Room Clean" every 5 or 6 weeks.

Today was back to babysitting Jeremiah. I went and got him around 12:00pm. He came with cousins Marcus(6) and Dominic(4)!! They had been there and REALLY wanted to come play with Zack. So they were her until about 4:45pm Bridget called and asked me to give Jeremiah his bath and said that George would be here to pick him up about 6:00pm So I gave him his bath. The poor thing!! He was not happy about that. I have never given him a bath before so I don't know if this was normal behaviour or a first time thing or what but he was an emotional wreck! I still feel bad for how it went but I really did my best to make it quick and painless.

Well guess I will get off here and go watch a movie with the kids. Hmmm...wonder what they will choose tonight.


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