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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ashley's shower was today...

Becca and I were going to ride along with Mom and Cindy and Kellie. Mom changed her mind about going and so did I. Unfortunately, Becca was looking forward to it. I just really didn't feel like going. I have been in such a groove with the house. I just didn't want to stop for a day. Plus it was quite a little ways from here. I guess I also didn't like the thoughts of going without any money. I can usually tolerate that but not always.

But we totally attacked Becca's room and it is great! We also started Zack's room and made major progress. We are stalled now however until Kevin can take down his bunkbed. Yep that's right--take it down. I really wanted it and I am still grateful that my sister Cindy gave it to us but I had Kevin take it down. Both kids wanted to have their beds directly on the floor. Aunt Michele has hers that way and so that helps make it "cool" but they also realize and commented that this way they won't be able to do the tempting things with clothes and toys (shove everything under the bed!). Plus it will help eliminate Dakota taking anything and everything under the beds to chew on!!!

I am really tired now! I worked my behind off! My shoulder is really sore tonight too. I think I did way too much.

I mentioned yesterday's weather and there was something like a 40 degree change in temperature over the course of the day!! Check it out here at Hopefully that link will work for you!
Crazy weather this WORLD is having!


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