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Friday, January 07, 2005

I hope that this is the start of something good.

This day has been rather interesting.

We have discovered that we have another library book missing. This time it really is. Becca was reading one Zack checked out and now it cannot be found. It's last known whereabouts was on Zack's top bunk. hmmmm....where could it be?

We had several heated arguements today about responsibilty and/or the lack of it. The kids just spent several days cleaning up their rooms. Normally on a "major clean" I help them but my shoulder hasn't allowed much of anything for me. I never expect the job they do to be as good as when I help but I do expect them to do SOMETHING!

This is so frustrating to me since when I was a kid I could not stand a messy room. I have heard my mom say it a dozen times how she "Never had to tell Niki to clean her room." I realize that the kids did not get this trait and I have accepted that but WHY keep garbage? and WHY shove things under anything possible? Since the rooms are theirs I would like to be able to let them keep them how they want but man they can't have garbage in there! UGHHHH...

Anyway they are still needing to find the book and as soon as my shoulder is healed a bit more we will do a major clean. I hope to get some new bins and totes to help them get more organized. They simply have too much stuff though (and fairly small rooms).

Today Becca and I went to town. We picked up a few groceries. I even got diet pop--now I will die from that instead of diabetes! lol We also stopped at Salvation Army and found a couple books for Becca. Then we hit Dollar Tree. Christmas stuff was only 25 cents!

We then headed over to the library where I met with a woman from our homeschool group. We are teaching Michigan history together and we needed to connect so that we could get our ideas work out and organized. I think the kids are really going to like this class.

Zack and I had a good conversation this evening about his feelings and attitude. I think that maybe I know now more of how to handle him. I swear parenting is a never-ending learning process. But they are SO worth it!

Poor Jeremiah is still sick. We watched him today for about 5 hours. Hopefully his new medicine will help. Pray for him please!

Have a great Friday night!


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