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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sign-up was today....

What a day this has turned out to be!! I had to drive Michele's truck to go sign the kids up for their classes. I don't like to borrow other people's vehicles and especially don't like it when it's a truck--hate to say it but I am a car lady! I'm not crazy about vans either!

It wouldn't have been all that bad except we got a bunch of rain and then freezing rain and then snow while I was out and about! The roads were horrible and I really had a hard time seeing in the truck!

We took a load of stuff to the Salvation Army and made it to two grocery stores as well as the library and sign-up. WAY more than I want to do in the weather we were having!

Well guess this is night-night for me!

ps My blood sugars are GREAT!


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