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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Laughed my butt off (well some of it anyways!)

We dropped Kevin off at Travis' house so he could go ice fishing. Roy couldn't go. Then the kids and I headed to Mom and Dad's.

Cindy came over shortly afterwards and we played a game called Zobmondo. Talk about gross. It had a lot of "would you rather eat a whole goldfish or swallow a teaspoon of fish eyes" type questions. It was fun even if it was gross.

Then we ate a really good meal. Mom had made roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, bread, cauliflower salad(she sampled the kind Becca and I did and had to make it just like we did!), and really yummy peach jello!

Then we played some more Zobmondo and then a couple hands of Hand and Foot until it was time to go pick Kevin up from Travis' house. Mom sent home another box of "stuff". Not a whole lot that I wanted but that is ok. I showed Kevin this article I printed off of the "Amity Mama Forums" It was about getting rid of much of your worldly possesions. It is something I am seriously considering since our house is stuffed to the brim. I think Kevin was intrigued but not sure if it could really happen since I am such a pack rat. Guess it will take the hand of God to make it work.



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