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Sunday, January 02, 2005

I sure know how to ring in the New Year.

I haven't blogged in a couple days sine I have been and still am in serious pain. I fell on New Year's Eve--well since it was midnight I guess it was New Years Day;) but I fell none-the-less.
I went outside barefooted and it was very icy. I slipped into the wood pile. I crashed pretty hard. Kevin took me into ER about 8:00am on the 1st. I had X-rays and despite the pain wasn't given any pain killers!! I have a sprained middle finger on my left hand AND tore several muscles in my right shoulder as well as spraining several. I was told to take it easy. I have been trying and trying. It is hard to be useless! Kevin and the kids are really babying me. I am just getting on the net for the first time now. I have to move slow and can't life my arm at all yet.

That's it for now TOO MUCH PAIN to write any more.


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