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Friday, December 31, 2004

Here's those resolutions...

Well for 2005 I want to change everything! lol Na not really....

I really hate resolutions because I fail at keeping them and then feel like a failure but this year I want to make some serious changes in my life.

1. Lose weight--more #'s than I'll admit to.
2. Change the entire family's eating style--Less junk, more natural/wholesome foods, make more from scratch. Choose lower fat, less sugar, lower sodium, etc... Help the kids make better choices.
3. Get my diabetes under control--see above ideas as well as STOP drinking pop (at least stop drinking it all the time).
4. Start an exercise program for myself and try to get the family involved.
5. Read my Bible more--consistently on a daily basis.
6. Let little things bother me less--try not to over-react.
7. Spend less (if we ever have money to spend).
8. Read more out loud as a family.
9. Take time for myself and interests that I have. Show the kids its ok to learn.
10. Play games more with the kids.
11. Organize our house--declutter, get rid of stuff we don't need, etc.
12. Learn to say NO.
13. Spend more time with the people I like and love--my parents, brothers and sisters, etc...
14. Try one new recipe a week.
15. Write more letters or even emails.
16. Find a place to volunteer.
17. Work on helping my kids learn to get along better.
18. Get my scrapbooks caught up.
19. Make a weekly DATE happen for Kevin and I.
20. Last but truely most IMPORTANT I will grow closer to the Lord and be open to His leading.


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