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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Boy do I ever feel tired...

We have had a normal type day without too much getting accomplished. I finally got my washer draining so I am desperately trying to catch up on laundry that exploded over the holiday week-end. It is really hard to believe it is almost another holiday week-end again already!

Jeremiah is sleeping on the couch. Sorry Bridget. I hate to let him sleep this late for her sake as he will probably be up late and be cranky too. But he needs to sleep when he's tired right? He is such a sweetie too. Today he brought Shrek 2 with him to watch. We did that and played and read the "dumptruck" book. I like days when we actually get to do things and he isn't overly crabby! lol

I am trying to get Kevin to wake up now. He is snoring away in his recliner. He wanted to get some wood cut up for the night but hasn't done it yet. He too has been really tired. I wonder if maybe we are getting something? I sure hope not!

What are your plans for New Years? We have several options right now.
#1 Steve, Crystal and kids could come over and hang out. We girls could drink some spiked MD. The kids would love it and eveyone would crash here. But her sister and bil may still be up over the weekend. And at one point I heard Kevin's brother might be coming up too.
#2 Our nephew and his girlfriend are having a party at their house and have invited us. Kevin may want to go but I wouldn't enjoy it so I may just drop him off and pick him up as I am sure he will have his fair share of drinks.
#3 We will stay home and have a family celebration-the four of us--like we do every other year! We watch movies, make pizza, drink out of cool glasses, shake our noise makers, play games, countdown to midnight, etc...... THIS is my preference.


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