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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Went to my favorite hangout today.

We had to go to Alpena to return Becca's boots. Boy that girl has big feet! lol Not really but they sure have grown since her last new pair of shoes/boots! We exchanged them at Kmart where Grandma had bought them earlier in the month. We weren't able to get the same design because there were very few boots left in stock but she is still very happy. They are PINK after all!

Then we ran to Neiman's(a grocery store) to use a gift certificate I had for there. We also turned in all of our bottles. How embarassing to get the final total of $20.60 in refund money. We drink way too much here. Of course it has been quite awhile since we did the return thing!

Then we went to the LIBRARY!! We love that place. I practically have to drag the kids out after an hour or more! Judy, one of the really sweet librarians, joked with me that she was shocked to look and not find any holds for us there. We almost always have something that is there from another library! She also told me that by next month they will have a homeschooling magazine on their shelves. This will be a first and I am happy to hear that! I love to read-even magazines. But I hate to buy them!

Anyways we then came home to put stuff away. We then received a sleeping Jeremiah. Bridget carried him over sleeping and he slept quite a long time. He woke up just in time to have burgers and salad with us. Kevin had eaten a late lunch shortly before we got home so he wasn't overly hungry and now we have leftover burgers for lunch tomorrow. I LOVE leftovers-most anyway!

Time to watch a movie with Kevin! Boy are we over using the new DVD player or what! lol It's "Mean Girls" tonight. I'll report on it soon!


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